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Sharing Wheat That is Complete

Great Bagel & Bakery in Lexington KY has been cranking out bagels in the tradition of a classic bagelry since opening in 2011. We stone-mill regional and locally grown organic grains to prepare 18 varieties of bagels, pastries and additional breads for weekend brunch menus.

Fresh-milled flour coupled with our years of experience, know-how, and respect for the craft of baking allows us to offer you bagels, bread, and baked goods bursting with flavor and nutrition.


Whether it is the morning of your wedding, a baby shower, a work event, or just surprising a loved one, no event is too big or small for our catering team.  We offer easy catering packages as well as full custom planning.  Whatever your catering needs, Great Bagel & Bakery in Lexington KY is always delicious and special.

Great Bagel & Bakery in Lexington KY

Our Wheat is Complete

We partner with a several generational organic farmers who are growing our wheat the right way:  using their generations of knowledge and know-how to create a perfect loop of agriculture called regenerative agriculture.

Regenerative agriculture is, at its heart, an approach to farming that puts more back into the environment and society than it takes out. As far as we are concerned, supporting an agricultural system that helps us create a more resilient supply chain, restores soil health, enables farmers to thrive AND yields the most delicious food is one we are all in on supporting.

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Chefs, bakers, and restaurateurs alike are all leading this grain revolution because we’re always chasing flavor… above all else, the flavor of stone-ground organic grains is far superior to factory grains.  Shoot us a message if you are interested in samples, a price list, placing an order and joining the revolution to reclaim the flavor of wheat!

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Workshops, Tastings, Events

We host workshop and educational events at our Boston Road location. Whether it’s learning the ins and outs of preparing and caring for your own sourdough starter, baking off the perfect fresh-milled loaf, or partnering with our buddies, Intelligentsia Coffee, to share the striking parallels between coffee quality and wheat quality, we try to provide our community with experiences that are unique, enriching, and fun!

The Mill Room Session at Great Bagel & Bakery in Lexington, KY