The Best Bagel is a Fresh Bagel!

Our are made from scratch with organic flour everyday of the week!

Baked Fresh Everyday!


Eat Great Bagels!

What makes a Great Bagel great? The handcrafted, traditional baking process and the excellent quality ingredients from one of the greatest assets a baker could have...local KY farms. Flour, yeast, water, and salt are mixed together on a daily basis, then shaped into perfect GB's (great bagels!)

We let the yeast work it's magic over night proofing the GB's in our walk-in refrigerator, then while the rest of the world still sleeps into the wee-hours of the next morning, our GB's take a dip in a huge kettle of fresh, boiling water, then are hand-dipped in a variety of classic bagel toppings, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, onion, garlic, to name a few.

The GB's then take a spin in our specialty bagel-oven, and voile! A hot, crunchy, chewy, soul-satisfying GB patiently awaits you. Humble ingredients, time-tested traditions, and a lot of love are what make a truly Great Bagel - why eat a bagel when you can eat a Great Bagel!?